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[02 Apr 2011|11:09am]

A rabbit that I sold took best in show at the lapeer mi rabbit breeds show last saturday. I am am very happy& it was his owners first best in show win. Been trying to win it myself for years& have never been able to win Best in show at a big show like that. Nor produce a rabbit that has made it that far. Have come close a couple of times though.

Here is a picture of my friend Tom gittus, and his awesome standard chinchilla.

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Introductions [23 May 2010|01:24pm]

Hi everyone! I'm new to this community but not to rabbits at all! ;3 My name is Elysia and I show in the Youth category still since I'm 17. We live in northern lower pen michigan, and I've been showing for about 3 and a half years I think?  The first rabbit I've ever owned was a standard rex, probably the worst show animal you'd ever see, he's an unrecognized color, missing toenails, and he's flat in the hips, but he's also one of the sweetest rabbits I've ever encountered , he loves giving kisses, wants to try anything you're eating (rest assured he's only given bun safe foods and in small amounts) , and loves just cuddling and playing, he's 4 years old now. I also started the community show_buns I'm currently the only member haha but I figured there would probably be a decent amount of you who showed rabbits here so I thought I'd mention it here too! It's for people who like showing, we can post which shows we plan on attending, any winnings we get and just make friends with others who have a passion for showing! :)
The breed I have a passion for is Standard Rex's but they're a bit big and we currently haven't got the space! :( If I ever get some bigger hutches in our little barn I'd love to do some standard rex breeding too! Jersey Wooly's are my second favorite breed though and are much smaller so we show them instead! A jersey was my first showable rabbit I ever had, a little smoke pearl doe named Opal, she sadly passed in september of 08 from Gi stasis, though at that time I had no idea what the condition was. My buck I got in 07 at ARBA nationals his current record stands at 2 BOSG, 2 BOB, and 1 BIS, and still going strong with a minor scar on his lip where the fur is discolored.
I've recently purchased 2 does so I can have a trio and I'm expecting my first litter sometime in mid to late fall.

Anyways! onto pictures and bun introductions! :DCollapse )
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[27 Feb 2010|12:14pm]

Is it just me or does anyone else not find this cute?


I don't mind people free ranging their rabbits as long as they do their research and such, and do it right. In fact many are expirementing with tractoring. But turning them loose with no fence, no yard, and randomly(and irresponsibly) letting them breed? I certainly wouldn't turn mine loose in the middle of winter either.

Kid lives in ohio. We get the same cold weather up here in michigan. Not ideal to let a small animal roam free in.

Plus this person has also admitted to feeding them wild birdseed and chicken feed. in fact the lat time he posted he got mad at a bunch of people for telling him don't do that. And we all got ban warnings for explaining to him why. High content of corn in the feed can cause the rabbit to die of bloat. Pus is extremely high in protien and very low in fiber.

Then we have the lets let them roam free mindset on there, because they are better off without cages. Who cares if a predator gets them. At least they died happy by being free!
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[08 Feb 2010|08:07pm]

litter of four. Three of them are looking really promising. The fourth is flat, has not so great type. Might make a nice pet for someone. Or may eventually have it butchered when its older. I am thinking of keeping the best two and donating at least one of them to the MSRBA spring convention silent auction. That is, providing I can find transportation to the show. Someone hit my car with a full sized horse trailer last fall, and yeah, that didn't end well for it. Hoping to at least be able to make it to the show, because tex thomas may be bringing some chins, and I want to compete against them.

Anyhow pics under the cut.

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Hey there, rabbit breeders! [01 Jul 2009|07:41pm]

[ mood | curious ]

crossposted to fiberpets

I currently have 3 angora rabbits: 2 French, one German. I've sheared (with scissors) my German's coat for the summer, and I'm wavering over what to do with my French. I usually pluck them, and prefer to do so. Their enclosure is quite cool and has 3 fans, so they aren't in danger from the heat. However, I'd like them to be more comfortable and am considering cutting their fur as well. I've never done this, except to my German.

The reason I'm writing is that I'm concerned about the undercoats! I'm not too worried about harvesting one coat with multi-lengths, but I'm worried that the next coat will grow in short. It seems to me that if I'm cutting the Frenches' fur, I will cut the long coat that would be ready to shed out sooner, and also the short undercoat that would grow into the next long coat. If I cut that coat, won't it start shedding out at a shorter length? I've tried researching this online, but I am at a loss.

some pictures of my German for youCollapse )

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[09 Jun 2009|12:59pm]

Hi, I'm Dina. I have a rabbitry in PA. I raise New Zealands, Mini Rex and several other breeds. I just got an English Spot doe to breed to my buck. I'm waiting on several kindlings due any day now. (11th, 12th and 15th) and have a litter from my REW NZ doe bred to a flemish giant buck. Proof that breeding large to med-large is safe. I wouldn't got TOO far in size difference tho. All 10 are doing nicely!

I've had problems. But I've had more litters that went nicely than not. I LOVE breeding rabbits! They are so cute!
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[09 Feb 2009|04:11pm]

Someone is doing a rabbit food survey to get to the bottom of GI stasis issues. So if anyone wants to participate and fill it out and email it to her, that would be great. just send it to ranger18@fairpoint.net

-Are you a pet owner or breeder?
> For pet owners where did you obtain your rabbit(s)
> -What do you feed:
> pellet based diet-list brand and/or protein/fiber/fat/calcium %'s as
> well as rabbit breed and amount of pellets per day fed
> Hay/veggie diet-if pellets included list brand and/or
> protein/fiber/fat/calcium %'s as well as rabbit breed and amount of
> pellets per day
> -If you feed pellets where do you purchase them ie feed store,
> grocery,
> department store, pet store
> -How much hay do you feed your rabbit(s) and how often
> -What has your experience been with GI problems. Let's differentiate
> between serious GI stasis (off feed for several days and longer,
> showing signs of not feeling well etc) and a minor off feed incidence (acting
> fine just not eating or eating as much as normal and is short-just a
> day or a few days) describe it in detail if you can what happened how long
> it lasted, how many rabbits have been affected and what their diet was
> at the time of the problem
> How were they treated ie took them to a vet. treated yourself at
> home and what was the treatment, was it successful
> Add anything else you want, recurrences, underlying disease found,
> etc the more info we get maybe patterns can be found
> -What have been your experiences with dental problems, again as much
> details as you can plus what diet they were being feed at time of
> incidence.
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First litter weirdness [12 Dec 2008|03:42am]


My New Zealands' first breeding went successfully, and exactly on cue, the doe did all the right things. I came out one morning to a huge mound of fluff with five little kits squirming about.

As they grew over the next two weeks, one (the smallest and weakest) was found pushed out of the nest, very dead. We assumed that the mother knew something was off with it, or it crawled away from the others to die.

Later, when the four remaning kits (one albino, two black, one brown) were covered in lots of hair and fat (so very fat and round), their eyes opened, with the exception of the brown one. I wondered if that was odd, one kit opening its eyes later than the others. My apologies for the terrible sentence structure, by the way.

This morning, while checking the kits, I saw them all snuggled together as they do. As usual, I checked each one over. I thought that the brown, on the bottom of the pile, was fast asleep, as he had been the only one not to move immediately when I started touching the nest. But when I picked him up, he was cold and dead (no decomposition though, so it mustn't have been very long before I came out to check them). I took him away immedately.

Could these deaths be related? Or was the brown perhaps stood upon or suffocated somehow? I couldn't see any signs of disease or other unusual things, except that the eyes had still not opened. Or is this some kind of rabbit sudden infant death syndrome? Prior to his death, the brown was a regular bunny just like his littermates, and had a full coat and good layer of fat.

Thoughts? Advice? What do you people think, I'm at a loss as to how to explain this death.

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[10 Nov 2008|05:44am]

Question. If a show says they are having a 'rarebreed' show, is it fair to only include those breeds recognized by the ALBC instead of the ARBA, or the more accurate rare breed rabbit list? The show in question is the Goshen Indiana one. One I had planned on attending next weekend until I found out how they are handling the groups. Where they are dividing the rabbits up into the three groups. The 'rare breed' group, and the other two will just have random rabbits from both 4 and 6 class thrown together. They are doing this to allow the rare breeds for a chance at winning a BIS. Which I think is a great idea. Unfortunately the only rabbits they are allowing in the group are only those they have sanctioned and are recognized as rare breeds by ALBC. The rest of the rare breeds are going to be thrown into the other two groups with the popular breeds. IMHO when they do something like that *all* of them should be allowed to compete in that group for it. Instead of just certain breeds, and excluding the rest, only to filter them off into the other groups where they will basically be overlooked and ignored. I brought it to the attention of one of the club members. The only response I seem to be getting is that that's the group of rarebreeds they picked. And maybe they will do it differently next year. They seem to think there is more then one list of rare breeds to use when there really isn't. What do you guys think? Is it fair?
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New To This Community, But Not To Rabbit Breeding. :) [05 Oct 2008|01:59pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hi guys, I'm new to this community. It seems pretty dead but hopefully there are still some survivors in here?

My name is Melody and my mom and I have a couple rabbitries in Southern California.

One is called Shinobi Rabbitry, created by my mom... she raises Netherland Dwarfs... she has fantastic lines and many many champions. She will be at the ARBA Convention this year in Kentucky. You can see her rabbitry here: www.geocities.com/shinobi_rabbitry

The second is called Hugsy's Rabbitry, created by me... I raise Himalayans and Harlequins. I have some really nice animals as well, my Himalayans have good line behind them and win alot. I just got started in Harlequins, but I love them to death! I will be picking up 3 more at the ARBA Convention this year! You can see my rabbitry here: www.geocities.com/hugsy_rabbitry

I also have guinea pigs, but in order to expand on my Harlequins, I have to sell them off. If anyone in California is interested in some nice American cavies, send them my way.

Cut for a Really Cute Bunny!Collapse )

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Please help! [07 Aug 2008|12:20pm]

My rabbit hasn't fed one of the babies.
It is so thin that you can see it's ribs when it moves and it's breathing is really slow.
I tried feeding it powdered milk many times but it just absolutely refuses to drink it.
When I put it against the mother's nipple it sucks but no milk comes out. I think she might only feed at night?!

Please help! I don't know what to do. I really want to save the baby's life.
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Young, Interested Newbie [03 Jun 2008|09:28pm]

Hello, everyone :)
My name is Laura, you can call me Dandy if you like, since I answer to my nickname more often than my actual name :P
I'm 18, live in Melbourne (AUS) and have finally acquired my first pair of rabbits; my big beautiful boy, Buckthorn (unknown breed, have been told he might be a British Giant X Chinchilla) and a sweet albino girl, Columbia (looks to me to be a New Zealand White, nothing fancy). I want to breed them for personal purposes, but want a bit of info first just to clear up some ponderings I've had. I haven't been able to get proper black and white answers out of Google and whatnot.

Firstly, what is the biggest size difference between rabbits that is permissable that will allow breeding without problems? Columbia is about 6 months old and I think she's just about stopped growing, but Buckthorn's still a bit bigger than her. I don't want either of them to get hurt during breeding, pregnancy or the actual delivery.

Secondly, Columbia is an 'inside' rabbit, while Buckthorn is an 'outside' rabbit. Would bringing his hutch into the kitchen where I let Columbia run around and keeping him in the hutch while Columbia's out help their introduction to each other? Just a thought, but I thought I'd run it by less-newbie-ish people here :)

I had other questions but I forgot them, I'm sure I'll post again soon.
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Mini Rex baby buns in Florida [30 May 2008|11:50pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hi there. I have almost seven week old mini rex baby bunnies ready for new homes. They have partial pedegees. I have three black one REW and one Opal. Two of the blacks are bucks one is a doe and the white and Opal are both does. I'm in Jacksonville, Fl. These guys are hand raised and people friendly. I'll check back for any replies. Thanks ^_^

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[24 May 2008|10:05pm]

So I went to the Midland rabbit show this weekend. One that I did not want to go to because of the high gas prices, and that it is 3 1/2 hours away from me. Someone contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I had any standard chins for sale. I said yes, that I had a couple. I made it as clear as possible that one was an older jr. The other in the seven week range. They said it was OK. That they wanted to purchase them. I have sold to this person before, so I figured that she was trusting my judgment on them. These were pretty nice looking babies. The younger one was pick of the litter. Her Mom has great color, and placed sixth at nationals last year.

She made arrangements to have someone pick them up. Person taking them to Wisconsin insisted that I take them up to this rabbit show, so she could pick them up. Since she was supposed to take them to their new owner on the fifth of June. Said she couldn't meet me at any of the closer shows in June or July because of that (one ten minutes away from me) So I take these rabbits up there only to find out she (someone whom I also know via the show circuit) was just going to 'look at them.' At first she asked me if I was going to the Cal Bra Hill rabbit club show (the one that is ten minutes away from em she said she wasn't able to go to). Now all of the sudden she's not leaving for Wisconsin till the middle of July, and can I meet her with the rabbits at the Cal bra hill show? I just kind of gave her a WTF look, and asked if she was going to pick them up? Then she looked at them, and picked out the older jr, stating that she didn't want to the younger one till it was a little more developed out (its small, and still has its baby coat. Lacks ring color yet, but the coat is very promising, and should have good color when it moults.) Over all body type, good. I asked her if she would like to see the parents so I could show her what color it would end up having, since I had both of them there(moms color is fucking awesome. Dad's is fairly good. Kind of muddy Body type on both, excellent). She said no (most people would say yes, and would be glad to see the parents when I have them at the shows). Then turned around and asked me if I had any more available for her to look at for her friend at Cal bra. AFTER I had specifically told her that I only had two rabbits for sale at the moment several times via email. After which she had said, OK I will pick them up. Sorry but I want to keep something back for myself to show. So I pick up the bunny and walk off.

OK it does not make sense that she is keeping one at her barn till the middle of July. Yet I have to hold the second one for her so she can "look" at it again. So basically I wasted most of my day, nearly 7 hours on the road, and $40 worth of gas money to go a rabbit show I didn't want to go to in the first place to deliver a $15 rabbit. Yes, I did take a couple to show. It barely covered the show fees. Why the hell couldn't she have emailed me a couple of days ago saying she was going to the cal bra hill rabbit club one after all? I am kind of pissed over this. The only reason why I said I would deliver the rabbits was because the person wanting them lost the two does she had, and was having a hell of a time finding breeding stock locally to breed her two bucks to, since Standard chins are very hard to come by in most areas. Said she was having good luck with the one I sold her last year, and wanted more to match him.

If I would have known she was going to the other/clsoer shows, I would have gladly skipped driving to Midland.

I did show a mini lop, and a the standard chin doe. The mini lop didn't place. Which doesn't bother me. I only bring them for something to do anyhow, while I am waiting for the chins to be called up. The judge in the first show really liked the body type on my sc doe, but said to watch her fur since it looked a little bit more flyback then rollback. Judge in the second show loved her fur (even though it was blotchy in some spots) and her body type. She won best of breed over another doe shown by another exhibitor. Not a real big win. But better then nothing.

I donated the sr buck, a jr doe, and a jr buck to the raffle table to help boost the breed numbers of them up here. Some kid that raises giant chins won all three of them. So yay! A youth breeder getting started with them. Unlike the previous person, they were very interested in seeing the mother of the young buck (same doe I was showing) just so they could get an idea of what to look for, and what they were getting into. I left them my phone number,and offered to help them out when they needed it. They left with the understanding that they could show these rabbits, but they were more breeding stock then show. So hopefully we'll be seeing some chin babies on the show tables from them next year.

Now I am going to stop rambling, and crash.
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[21 May 2008|10:15pm]

I have a question to ask those of you that know some laws and live around Ohio.

Is there a minimum age that pet stores can sell baby bunnies at in Ohio? There is a girl that is selling babies at the age of 3 weeks; I told her that that was very dangerous, but I was just blown off. She routinely sells them at this age. 

Now, I am a breeder, but babies shouldn't be weaned until at least 6 weeks. I have only weaned before that once, and that was because the momma attacked the babies :(

I just don't want any poor babies to die because of a stupid girl, or anyone to buy a bunny only to have it die soon after :(
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[20 May 2008|08:12pm]

Could you give me any good post neuter information?
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An update [20 May 2008|01:40pm]

On these two rabbits.


The buck has finally made it home from CA to MI thanks to mustanglover88! I managed to get him bred to another SC doe that produces beautiful babies.

And the SC doe I was having problems with gave birth to five healthy babies three days ago. So far she is has turned out to be a great mom with them, other then not properly covering them when she had them (hair was pushed above, and behind them when she built her nest). She is ready to feed when I take them out to her twice a day. And gets a bunny 'tude' and acts all upset over them being taken away.

I may eventually get one or two more litters from her, before retiring her from breeding and showing as a personal pet.

Someone I sold bunnies to at the national convention last year has ordered two more young does from me. They will be transported from MI to wisconsin after the Midland MI show this weekend. Possibly a third may be going is if the transporter has room.
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Weet! Weet! Weet! [16 May 2008|08:04am]

[ mood | glee ]

...In case you're wondering, that's the sound of a happy guinea pig. Or at least an emotional guinea pig; I can't remember which. Not entirely appropriate, but I never really thought of happiness in the sense of twisting in midair.

We recently hired someone to help us out on the property. For the many that don't know me, I have a very large rabbitry, and an average herd of 1000 rabbits from newborn kit to retired breeder. I asked his mother how they found out about us, and it turns out that the county extension office gave them our information for his sister, who bought a meat pen from us for the local Ag show. She told me that the extension office recommended us highly, not only for our professional bearing but also because we had the best stock in the area. They also told her that we are the ones that help out the kids the most, by training them on what to expect at the show, what to look for with a quality rabbit, and basically filling their heads with as much information as they can reasonably take. To make it better, the office had the contact info for several other breeders, but they didn't even bother to pass that along, because they liked us best!

This made me so mindlessly happy that I had to share. Isn't that wonderful news?? Especially since as far as I am aware, we aren't friends or anything like that with anyone in the extension office!

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[06 May 2008|09:17am]

[ mood | crazy ]

i went to the OSRBA convention this past weekend and i won...
2nd in rex
3rd in american fuzzy lops
1st in Sr. Breed ID 
it was an awsome time like it is every year :) but now im VERY tired! lol

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mini lop babies!! [01 May 2008|04:13pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I finaly have some mini lop babies :))
the mom is a broken black and the father is a solid black. 5 babies 3 brokens and 2 solids :)

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