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Weet! Weet! Weet!

...In case you're wondering, that's the sound of a happy guinea pig. Or at least an emotional guinea pig; I can't remember which. Not entirely appropriate, but I never really thought of happiness in the sense of twisting in midair.

We recently hired someone to help us out on the property. For the many that don't know me, I have a very large rabbitry, and an average herd of 1000 rabbits from newborn kit to retired breeder. I asked his mother how they found out about us, and it turns out that the county extension office gave them our information for his sister, who bought a meat pen from us for the local Ag show. She told me that the extension office recommended us highly, not only for our professional bearing but also because we had the best stock in the area. They also told her that we are the ones that help out the kids the most, by training them on what to expect at the show, what to look for with a quality rabbit, and basically filling their heads with as much information as they can reasonably take. To make it better, the office had the contact info for several other breeders, but they didn't even bother to pass that along, because they liked us best!

This made me so mindlessly happy that I had to share. Isn't that wonderful news?? Especially since as far as I am aware, we aren't friends or anything like that with anyone in the extension office!
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