O. (akina_love) wrote in rabbit_breeding,

Please help!

My rabbit hasn't fed one of the babies.
It is so thin that you can see it's ribs when it moves and it's breathing is really slow.
I tried feeding it powdered milk many times but it just absolutely refuses to drink it.
When I put it against the mother's nipple it sucks but no milk comes out. I think she might only feed at night?!

Please help! I don't know what to do. I really want to save the baby's life.
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Sorry I couldn't reply sooner. Due to the condition you described the little one to be in, he may already be gone. When I have ones like that, I farm them out to another mother with ktis the same age. Sometimes they bounce back, sometimes they do not. Make sure they are the same body temperature as the healthy littermates, because the chill will make the siblings move away, and the ailing one dies faster. Sometimes it's hard to hear, but nature often gives a smaller prey animal lots of babies because some just aren't meant to be. It's cold comfort though, I know.

If you have another doe with kits near the same birth date, use her as a substitute mom. It works out better than most people credit.

The hardest part about giving formula to a baby bunny is the size. I've never had any luck with the tiny ones.

Rabbits typically only feed their babies once or twice a day. The low frequency I believe is due to their being prey animals with vulnerable lairs.

Powdered milk isn't the thing you need. You need something formula-based, aimed to nursing babies. You might be able to find some simple recipes online.

How are the siblings? Are the rest of them clean and getting chubby? How old is the mother and how many babies does she have? What kind of nesting conditions are they in?