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Hi everyone! I'm new to this community but not to rabbits at all! ;3 My name is Elysia and I show in the Youth category still since I'm 17. We live in northern lower pen michigan, and I've been showing for about 3 and a half years I think?  The first rabbit I've ever owned was a standard rex, probably the worst show animal you'd ever see, he's an unrecognized color, missing toenails, and he's flat in the hips, but he's also one of the sweetest rabbits I've ever encountered , he loves giving kisses, wants to try anything you're eating (rest assured he's only given bun safe foods and in small amounts) , and loves just cuddling and playing, he's 4 years old now. I also started the community show_buns I'm currently the only member haha but I figured there would probably be a decent amount of you who showed rabbits here so I thought I'd mention it here too! It's for people who like showing, we can post which shows we plan on attending, any winnings we get and just make friends with others who have a passion for showing! :)
The breed I have a passion for is Standard Rex's but they're a bit big and we currently haven't got the space! :( If I ever get some bigger hutches in our little barn I'd love to do some standard rex breeding too! Jersey Wooly's are my second favorite breed though and are much smaller so we show them instead! A jersey was my first showable rabbit I ever had, a little smoke pearl doe named Opal, she sadly passed in september of 08 from Gi stasis, though at that time I had no idea what the condition was. My buck I got in 07 at ARBA nationals his current record stands at 2 BOSG, 2 BOB, and 1 BIS, and still going strong with a minor scar on his lip where the fur is discolored.
I've recently purchased 2 does so I can have a trio and I'm expecting my first litter sometime in mid to late fall.

This is Oliver my buck

Ruby one of my does, she's just turned senior and originally looked like a pointed blue but now she's coming in pointed black! It's so weird haha! She's also a little on the bigger side for the breed at about 3.3 pounds but she'll make a great brood doe.

Nightingale or Gale for short is my other little doe who's only about 9 weeks old. So far she looks like she'll do great at shows!

The girl that started it all Opal, still miss ya girl! <3

And finally here's Spice, my Standard Rex! :)
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