chinbunny (jnlldxn) wrote in rabbit_breeding,

An update

On these two rabbits.

The buck has finally made it home from CA to MI thanks to mustanglover88! I managed to get him bred to another SC doe that produces beautiful babies.

And the SC doe I was having problems with gave birth to five healthy babies three days ago. So far she is has turned out to be a great mom with them, other then not properly covering them when she had them (hair was pushed above, and behind them when she built her nest). She is ready to feed when I take them out to her twice a day. And gets a bunny 'tude' and acts all upset over them being taken away.

I may eventually get one or two more litters from her, before retiring her from breeding and showing as a personal pet.

Someone I sold bunnies to at the national convention last year has ordered two more young does from me. They will be transported from MI to wisconsin after the Midland MI show this weekend. Possibly a third may be going is if the transporter has room.
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