Oh Em Gee (setodragon) wrote in rabbit_breeding,
Oh Em Gee

New To This Community, But Not To Rabbit Breeding. :)

Hi guys, I'm new to this community. It seems pretty dead but hopefully there are still some survivors in here?

My name is Melody and my mom and I have a couple rabbitries in Southern California.

One is called Shinobi Rabbitry, created by my mom... she raises Netherland Dwarfs... she has fantastic lines and many many champions. She will be at the ARBA Convention this year in Kentucky. You can see her rabbitry here: www.geocities.com/shinobi_rabbitry

The second is called Hugsy's Rabbitry, created by me... I raise Himalayans and Harlequins. I have some really nice animals as well, my Himalayans have good line behind them and win alot. I just got started in Harlequins, but I love them to death! I will be picking up 3 more at the ARBA Convention this year! You can see my rabbitry here: www.geocities.com/hugsy_rabbitry

I also have guinea pigs, but in order to expand on my Harlequins, I have to sell them off. If anyone in California is interested in some nice American cavies, send them my way.

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hi. there are still some people here. :) Welcome to the community. :)
That bunny is cute. I suggest sharing it with the baby animals community, if you haven't already joined. Its on my user profile.

I raise standard chinchillas, florida whites, thriantas, and have a few odds and ends. Plus pigeons. :)

Harlequins are really pretty. Some of them up here in michigan are looking very nice colorwise.

One of my best breeder friends used to breed Himis. ever hear of Kay darrow? She had to get out of them a few years ago due to health problems. Her rabbits won A LOT here.
I have some baby Harlequins right now as well, they're adorable.


Michigan huh? I am buying a few rabbits from a guy in Michigan at the ARBA Convention. His name is Matt Hinderman I think?

I never heard of Kay, I really only know California breeders 'cause I don't show out of state much, unfortunatly.

Nice to meet you!
How precious!!! I have just had a harley born to my litter. I'm repeating the same breeding in hopes of repeating the harley too.