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Rabbit Breeding Community

The rabbit breeding community

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We created this community as a place for rabbit breeders and people interested in rabbit breeding to come together. We welcome all breeders, whether they breed rabbits for meat, fur, show, or pets; however, we do advocate for humane treatment of rabbits, no matter what they are bred for.

A few rules to consider.

1. Because of the different views and feelings of different members of this community, we do ask that all potentially offensive matter be put behind the lj-cut tag with a warning that the following material may be offensive. Our hope is that everyone will get along. This is a drama free community. And we would like to keep it that way.

2. Whining and 'holier than thou' attitudes will get you banned.

3. No trolling.

4. No shoving your views down someone elses throat just because you don't agree with what they are doing with their animals. If someone wont listen to you, then leave it be. Chances are they might not be wrong anyhow. Although we do welcome helpful advice, and debates.

5. Pet owners are also welcome here. But beware that this is a breeding community. And we won't being doing things your way, or so to speak. We at rabbit breeders recognize that there many responsible ways to care for your pets and breeding rabbits. Please be very respectful of each other and those views. In the rabbit breeding circles, we have a saying that goes about like this, "what works for one does not work for the other." It just means that no two ways of doing things will be the same.

This is also place where you can ask for medical help about your bunny, without having to worry about being yelled at for it.

Got some show pictures, bunny pictures, health issues, show pionts, arba articles, or a show brag to post about? Have a question on breeding. Or just need some helpful advice to get started with breeding and showing? Then this is the community for you.

If you have any problems with another member, or any questions you can email me at chinbunny1@wmconnect.com

Helpful rabbit breeding websites:

ARBA - the american rabbit breeders website

Rabbits on the web website, and message board - Message board for rabbit breeders

rabbit talk

pine shavings - Information about pine shavings

angora rabbits - Information about angora rabbits

Show bunny - the show bunny website. Information on breeding, showing, and caring for rabbits

Island gems rabbitry - Information on breeding rabbits and keeping them as pets

Mini lop org - The mini lop rabbit club of america

Betty chus website - Information on showing angora rabbits

ARBA frequently asked questions - ARBA information on how to properly care for your rabbit (both pet and breeding).
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